Acai Berry Research: Find the Facts

Acai berry research has led to some wonderful discoveries since Dr. Perricone named acai berries as one of the 10 essential superfoods. Acai berry, which grows on the palm species Euterpe oleracea in bunches of 700-900 fruits, is available fresh only in its native Amazon Rainforest. Because of the extreme perishability of the fruit, it is only available in the United States in juice or powder (derived from freeze or spray dried acai berry) form.

The acai berry has some of the most powerful antioxidant properties of any food, 10 times that of grapes and twice that of blueberries. Acai berries have high amounts of oleic acid, palmitic acid and lioleic acid. These wonderful oils have proven to be vital to brain, joint and skin health.

In addition, acai berry reviews has shown acai berries to be packed with Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A and essential amino acids. Ongoing acai berry research has shown early results favorable in the berries' ability to combat arthritis, fatigue, insomnia and seizures.

Acai berries encourage healthy metabolism and regular use of acai berry can help cut cravings to aid in diet and weight loss. Researchers have discovered that what's really amazing about acai berries is its' incredible antioxidant content. Cell-damaging free radicals are present in our atmosphere, and whether you like it or not, are difficult to avoid and combat. Research shows that acai berries can be helpful in slowing down the oxidation process, encouraging cells to heal more rapidly. This can effectively slow down the aging process and is particularly helpful to brain and skin health.

An antioxidant-rich diet can lead to better mental acuity, memory and focus. Acai berries are a simple, affordable and convenient way to supplement antioxidants in anyone's diet. The acai berry research is all there: acai berries are a delicious and healthy addition to your diet!

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